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Commercial Underwater Photographic Services

Martin Davies LRPS

I offer professional underwater photography, photogrammetry and videography services for publication, broadcast media and technical/archaeological survey purposes both in the UK and overseas.

As a qualified UK HSE and French INPP 1B commercial diver, I am fully equipped with a range of high quality state of the art camera and lighting equipment to capture and record the underwater environment even in the low light/visibility environment of British and French waters.

Since 1984 Martin Davies has been taking images underwater in the UK and around the world, then life was much less complex and simple, no world wide web, Kodachrome 64 and Fuji Velvia and Provia was the media of choice. A sharp contrast to the ever changing world of technological innovation and inventions that are used to generate today’s imagery.


Today the very latest equipment is used to capture imagery where required. The modern digital camera can see far better than the human eye underwater and so is a powerful tool in the gloomy waters of the UK. The use of powerful LED lights and dedicated flash guns all help to light and create an image of much higher quality that could previously be ascertained with previous generations of cameras.

More about In Depth Photography

I am an experienced HSE qualified commercial scuba diver who has been diving in the UK and overseas since 1977 and taking underwater photographs for almost as long.

Skilled at capturing the underwater world, I studied photography at college and gained a City & Guilds qualification and later awarded a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society in 2005.

I am also trained in underwater survey techniques including archaeological surveys.

My images have been used for many purposes;

Magazines, books and other publications, such as Wreck or expedition articles

Publicity and advertising media, supplied to O Three Dry suits and Halcyon dive equipment

Technical survey recording e.g. hull recording/survey, archaeological survey reports.

Mixed gas diving, including trimix to 60m

Boat handling – Competent RYA powerboat boat handler and Diver Cocswain

O2 administrator and HSE First Aid qualifications.  Compressor operator (Air and Nitrox membrane), Trimix Gas blender.