As a regular contributor to SCUBA magazine and other diving publications I have been fortunate to travel widely and dive in some of the most beautiful places.  Specializing in wide angle wreck and reef photography I have an extensive stock library of images available including marine life (macro) and scuba divers sharing the underwater world. Please contact me if you require a specific type of image.

SCUBA Magazine – The official magazine of the British Sub-Aqua Club

Specialising in wreck tours for the magazine, you can read past publications by clicking on the links below

SCUBA Normandy Wrecks

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SportDiver Magazine – The official magazine of PADI

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Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) – Leading the way in underwater archaeology

Current Archaeology Jan 2014 Front cover

NAS Tanks & Bulldozers article

NAS Front cover winter 2013

NAS Front cover winter 2010

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Britain at War – Historical war magazine

Britain at War Tanks and Bulldozers

Britain at War Tanks and Buldozers front cover

Britain at War Holland V article

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